Enjoying While Waiting

Enjoying While Waiting essay

Travelling around Montreal, one cannot help but visit the beautiful and important places in the city. With the help of maps and travel guides, one can get to any destination in Montreal. One of these places is Mont Royal, the station of the Montreal Metro, which is part of the city’s Orange Line and is a fast system of transportation. Société de Transport de Montréal controls and operates Mont Royal. The station is located in the Le Plateau-Mont-Royal district, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was opened in 1966, on October 14. The station is currently represented as a part of Montreal’s metro. The design of the metro station was developed by Victor Prus. Mont Royal station is built in a tunnel. The station’s single transept level mezzanine serves as the entrance. The station’s artwork has been created with the help of 32 narrow vertical aluminum poles at a platform. Those were created by a talented Quebec artist Charles Daudelin. Also, the place was re-designed and new artwork was added, namely, a poem by Gérald Godin, which is bricked into the facade of the building. Open arrival at this place, one is attracted to the vibrant and authentic surrounding. It is a truly scenic place.


This station is named after the Mount Royal Avenue. It is called so, because it leads to the foot of Mount Royal. There is colorful kiosk at the station. It is located at the entrance of the train station. This is strategic since everybody going into the station or leaving passes in front of this kiosk. It is medium sized and rectangular shaped. It is decorated in brown brick, molded into the curly line of the benches at the walls. The wall at the platform includes decorative art: the poles of molded aluminum, which is decorated with cubical and rectangular figures. These dark gray poles give a modern appearance to the walls. In addition, the bridge, which is over the railway line, has thick, dense shafts. The vault in the ceiling is on top of this bridge. The bridge leads to the stair enclosure, and it is well-lighted with beautiful ceiling and wall lights. Finally, the bridge ends in a steel kiosk, which was installed there in the year 2000, in a public square that had been recently redesigned.


This kiosk has become a popular place in Montreal, since an extremely talented street musician started performing there. His name is Scott Dunbar. He is a singer and songwriter, who started as a street musician in the markets, streets and metros of Montreal. He has his own set of instruments, including an accordion, an acoustic guitar, a suitcase that serves as a drum, a broiler pan that he stomps upon, and a metal chain that is coiled around his leg and rattles, when he stomps. It is amazing that he has created so many unusual instruments using just odds and ends. Imagination is not the only advantage that Scott possesses. He also has a wonderful voice, which ranges from being warm and rough to melodic and smooth. Scott combines such genres as folk, pop, blues, soul and country. This is one of the reasons why he is so popular among a great number of people with different interests, hobbies, and even music preferences.


Almost every week, Dunbar comes to Mont Royal, sits down in front of the famous kiosk and starts singing and playing his unique instruments. His sound is extremely melodious, and his songs are very positive. Nevertheless, they do not lack sense and, sometimes, they have a social and political implication. Scott Dunbar’s most popular song is “Tin Foil Hat”, which he sings every time he appears at Mont Royal. It is a catch tune about life. It offers advice to children, and also has a nostalgic touch about losing a loved one. This positive song is easy to recognize, not only because of Scott’s amazing voice, but also because of its perfect and unusual sound. When the musician starts singing it, people who are in a hurry suddenly stop, and some of them even exclaim: “Hey, just listen! It is Scott singing!” or “Oh, it is my favorite song, Tin Foil Hat!” After saying these words, people rush to their favorite kiosk. With the smiles on their faces, they greet the talented musician.


During Scott’s performances, the atmosphere at Mont Royal is eccentric. The event makes people happy and joyful; they sing together with the musician and even ask him to play the songs they want to hear. It is not uncommon to see people standing in front of the kiosk, or surrounding the musician while cheering him on. Mont Royal is a beautiful and well-known place, but the music and the crowd make it even more beautiful and present it in vibrant colors. Now the place has become more vivid and busy; it looks like a wonderland to hundreds of people, who are too different to be similar. In the crowd, one can see business ladies and men, housewives, students, schoolboys and girls, and people who belong to various subcultures. Besides, these people are in different social status, as well as of different age groups. One can see elderly people, adults, youths, and even little children. When they hear Scott singing, children usually pull their mother’s hands and ask in a thin voice: “Mummy, please, let’s stay and listen to Dee, dee, dee…” “Dee, dee, dee” are the sounds from Dunbar’s song. People feel enlightened and entertained by the performances from Scott. Dunbar is very talented, that is why he is able to not only write his own songs, but to make various covers on different famous singers. One of the most popular covers by this fantastic street musician is a cover on Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean.” However, Scott’s own songs are rather popular, as well. People like these songs and recognize them everywhere in Montreal and even in other cities and countries.


Watching a happy audience with the smiles on their kind faces, singing together and sharing their feelings, giving a part of their soul to the art and the musician they are listening to is priceless. Mothers hold their young ones high so that the children can catch a glimpse of the entertainer. Teenagers record the singer on their mobile devices so they can show their friends at home. The now popular kiosk of Mont Royal, with its bull brown bricks and bright red roofing, is suitable for the atmosphere. People, the musician, and the songs they sing together make one feel like home. It seems that people become kinder, more light-hearted, and free. When a person wants to have a rest, he goes to his favorite place where he can relax. Undoubtedly, it is very good that Montreal has such a special place for its citizens. It is easy to see how a place can change from plain and void to a busy and entertaining site for happiness. In addition, it becomes something lovely, favorite and even native.

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