About Us

CrownfriedChicken&Pizza.com is the premier web directory for over 145 independent restaurants specializing in superior fried chicken.

All listings have been carefully and objectively reviewed and provide their customers with quality chicken, ribs, side dishes, desserts, and additional down home food products at fair and economical prices. We are serve Halal food.

At CrownfriedChicken&Pizza.com we hope to assist you in your search for the fine establishment closest to your home, place of business or wherever you might find yourself. Whether you've been eating there for years or you are a college student new to the neighborhood, CrownfriedChicken&Pizza.com is here to serve you!

Crown Fried Chicken & Pizza has a lot of friends, both among their customers and other neighborhood businesses. On this page, you can find blurbs about and links to many of our fried chicken friends. Please note that Crown Fried Chicken & Pizza is NOT affiliated with any of these other companies, like Lincoln fried chicken or Kennedy fried chicken. We are running independently. If you have any question please call us, please contact us at- 908-241-5555